Ladies: 4 Common Headache Types That Can Age You

If you’re experiencing the annoying pain of a headache and it doesn’t seem to subside, you may want to consider visiting our urgent care walk-in clinic in Coral Springs. They can treat your condition, depending on what’s triggering it. Below are some of the most common types of headaches. Review them and see which one might apply to you.

Tension headaches
This is the type of headache that you can get if you’re stressed out, frequently exhausted, depressed, or have some other type of physical or psychological issues. It can show itself in different ways.

Some people may feel a soreness and/or tightening in the neck area. Some of these symptoms may also start out, or find their way, to the temple or forehead area of the head. The pain can last for hours.

Depending on the nature of the headache, it could make you feel nauseous and dizzy, or even constipated among other things.

Treatment can include medications containing anti-inflammatory agents and anti-depressants.

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Migraine headaches
Migraine headaches are what people hear about most. That’s because it can be very disruptive to your life. For example, I know people who get migraines and have to rest in a very dark room just to get a little bit of relief.

Believe it or not, there are over 30 million people in the United States that suffer from migraine headaches. Most of these people are women, and so some researchers think that there could be some sort of hormonal linkage. But they aren’t absolutely certain.

Migraines are considered to be vascular because they seem to occur as arteries in and around the brain become enlarged.

The treatment for migraines include medications such as beta blockers, channel blocker, and anti-depressants. The one that you would prescribed at the Coral Springs walk-in clinic center will depend on what is triggering your migraines.

Migraines are serious business. So if you require urgent care in Coral Springs for your headache, please visit us for treatment.

Cluster headaches
If you get a group of headaches that hit you all at once without any build up or notice, this could be a cluster headache. Sometimes they’ll only last an hour or even less. But they can come and go multiple time throughout the day.

Because these types of headaches often occur during the spring and fall months, many people will attribute them to allergies. But this may not be the case.

This particular type of headache also seems to occur in men more than women by a large margin. And it can be triggered by activities such as excessive smoking or drinking.

Some of the treatments can include oxygen, lidocaine, and sumatriptan.

Hormone headaches
These types of headaches are mostly associated with women. It is believed that hormone headaches may be a warning of something else more dangerous that is out of balance in the body.

An example of a hormone headache would be a menstrual migraine because they can occur during ovulation or after your period. So the hormone that is triggering the headache would be estrogen which regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle.

If you’re taking birth control pills, you could also experience migraine headaches.

Treatment for these types of headaches might include ergotamines, estrogen, and diuretics.

So to wrap things up, there are 4 common types of headaches. They include tension, migraine, cluster, and hormonal. Of course, there are other types such as sinus. But no matter which type you have, you can receive prompt treatment at our Coral Springs walk-in clinic center.

Popular Yoga Positions & Their Benefits

mediating modelYou may wonder which type of yoga position is best. Of course, you can visit our Coral Springs yoga studio to take a class or you can try each one of them on your own to find out. There are various yoga positions, some of which include standing, seated, forward and back bends, balance, twist and many other poses.

Standing poses are included in many places and they help to align your body as well as feet. It is very important especially when a person wants to improve body posture.
They also strengthen and increase flexibility of your legs and hips. They also increase the flexibility of pelvis and lower back. They are designed to add to the mobility of your neck and shoulders. An example of a standing pose is mountain pose.

Forward bend poses are in a position to help your lower back as well as hamstrings. They are intended to release tension of the back, shoulders and neck as well as increasing flexibility of the spine. Their result is that they promote a sense of calmness.

Seated poses also increase flexibility in the hips and lower back. They add some strength to the back. They are entitled to provide elasticity to the hips, groin, ankle as well as knees. Seated poses add suppleness to the spine and encourage deep breathing which contributes to a feeling of calmness and peace of mind.

Back blends poses are meant to open chest, hips as well as rib cage. They increase the flexibility of shoulders as well as strength of the arms. They increase the stability of the spinal cord and releases tension.

Twists postures release tension in the spine and increase shoulder and hip mobility. They are also meant to relieve backaches by stretching and opening the muscles.
Balance poses can be challenging. They are intended to help the body muscles develop a tone and also coordination, strength as well as agility. Posture improves because the spine needs to be elongated in order to prevent you from falling over.

Supine and prone poses are also types of yoga positions. Supine poses are done on the back. They are intended to help in stretching of the abdominal muscles and thereby open the hips and increase the mobility of the spine. They also release tension and strengthen the back, arms as well as the legs.

Prone poses can only be done while one is facing the floor. They are very good in strengthening the arms and the back. They also open up the groin and hips. They relieve tension and increase the flexibility in the spine.

To learn more or join a class, visit our website… By knowing some of the popular yoga positions and their functions, you can now choose the one that is suitable for your health.

Natural Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Face Looking Healthy And Young

Woman's Eyes Many people seek the assistance of a dermatologist in Coral Springs and elsewhere to help improve the health, vitality, and look of their skin. But there are things that you can do to keep your skin looking young for as long as possible, either before or after seeing a dermatologist.

Taking care of your face is not only important in keeping it healthy, but it is also vital in maintaining its beauty by keeping it young and vibrant. In fact, the one thing that strikes a person to classify another as beautiful or cute is their facial skin. There are different types of facial skin which need to be taken care of differently and with different facial products.

The skin types include dry, oily, sensitive, normal, and combination skin. There are a variety of very effective methods that you can implement on your face that will keep it very young-looking and also maintain good health standards.

This article will provide you with the best skin care tips that are utmost natural and you can be sure to get positive results after following them:

a) Keep your body hydrated – water is key to life, as is mostly evident in our day to day lives. It has so many uses that one cannot do without it. One of the many uses of water is the fact that it keeps the skin hydrated, young and also healthy. There is a one key condition of the water, however. It should be clean and also pure.

b) Skin care products that are natural – the ordinary skin care products usually contain cheap and poor quality chemicals which may make you look younger, beautiful and healthy at present, but they may damage your facial skin and make your skin age faster. Overall, they have a damaging effect on your general health. The best deal for you is to purchase those products whose composition includes natural ingredients for complete face and general skin safety.

c) Sun exposure – it is common knowledge that the sun can provide Vitamin D. However, over-exposing your skin to the sun rays has damaging effects on the skin which include, breaking down of the cells in your skin in addition to affecting elastin and also collagen production. These Ultra Violet rays lead to formation of premature wrinkles on your face on top of your face acquiring age spots. To avoid all these, you can wear protective clothing and also use sunscreen products.

Another potential consequence of excessive sun exposure is skin cancer. To get proper treatment, you will have to find a dermatologist Coral Springs to remove the cancerous tissue.

d) Exercise – relaxation of the body, achieved through constant exercising, helps to enhance a better skin tone. During your exercising process, you will excrete toxins through sweating which will help to firm up the skin, thus creating a radiant glow.

e) Clean the facial skin – as a woman, you have the obligation of washing off that makeup before going to sleep so as to open up the skin pores. Cleaning the face and also the skin generally before going to sleep is important for all people, irrespective of the gender, so do not neglect it.

f) Diet – you have got to take care of your diet by eating a balanced one that will help to improve the health of your skin. Examples can be raw fruits, nuts, seeds and also vegetables.

Stay young and maintain a healthy skin, will you?