Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

smilingwoman4_200x133Breast cancer will happen when cells in your breasts grow out of control into a tumor. This can further extend to nearby tissue and spread throughout other areas of the body. The tumors can be classified as malignant or benign. It is the malignant tumors that are the cancerous type.

Unfortunately, tumors are not always immediately detectable. They may start as tiny lumps and may not be discovered until you perform a self-exam or visit the doctor for a mammogram.

Now, there have been many lies and myths spread about the cause of breast cancer. One of the most common is the notion that this cancer is caused by using deodorant. This myth was spread in an email back in 1999, but there is no evidence whatsoever to support this contention.

Most breast cancers are easy to identify and diagnose under a microscope. The doctor will perform a biopsy and send a sample of the tissue off to a lab that will exam the tissue cells under a microscope.

Symptoms of breast cancer beyond the appearance of an obvious lump include a thickness of the breast tissue and surrounding area, reshaping of one or both breasts, discharge from the nipples or rash, swelling under the armpits, and swelling. In addition, if there is any sort of unexplainable pain in and around the breast area you should visit the doctor for a check up.

Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer is the world among both men and women. It is second only to lung cancer. It accounts for 10% of cancer cases attributable to both sexes. Finally, it is the 5th most cause of cancer related deaths.

In 2012. breast cancer accounted for 68 million cases and over half a million deaths.

When someone gets breast cancer, their experience with it may not be exactly the same as other patients. That’s because everyone’s body is different. Age and other health issues can play a role. In addition, women who are premenopausal with estrogen receptor breast cancer may be ushered into early menopause due to the chemotherapy treatments and methods used to cure the cancer.

One of the unique things about breast cancer is that it doesn’t always appear in one fail swoop. It often occurs in stages. For some people there will be a gradual spreading. But for other people, the cancer can grow rapidly. In addition, researchers have identified certain breast cancers that can spread slowly and types that spread quickly. The most unpredictable cancers are those related to scenarios where estrogen is introduced in the body.

The treatment for breast cancer usually involves surgery, followed by the use of chemotherapy or radiation. A multidisciplinary |strategy is preferred. Hormone receptor positive cancers are frequently handled with hormone blocking precedures. But this is done over the course of a number of years. Monoclonal antibodies, or similar immune modulating therapies, could be employed in particular |situations of metastatic and other advanced phases of this cancer.

Outcomes for breast cancer differ based on the cancer variety, progression of the |illness}, and your age. The survival rates in most western nations are higher. Somewhere around 80% to 90% of patients in the UK and the United States. In non-western or developed countries, the survival rate is lower.

In conclusion, breast cancer is one of the most prolific and devastating types of cancers, especially for women. Nowadays, you’ll see breast cancer awareness programs advertised to encourage women to perform self-examinations and get mammograms. While research is still being done to find a cure, if you identify breast cancer early enough it can be treated so that you can live a long and productive life.

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